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Francoise in Paris

Francoise Hardy
"The Vogue Years", BMG 2001

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vogue disques, France, war die erste Plattenfirma, die Françoise unter Vertrag nahm. "vogue years" steht damit für die Anfangsjahre ihrer Karriere. Die von vogue produzierten Lieder markierten gleichzeitig den Zenith ihrer Laufbahn als Star von internationaler Popularität. Françoise blieb bei vogue disques von 1962 bis 1969.

Eine Kombilation von 50 ihrer bekanntesten französischen Songs aus den Jahren enthält die Doppel-CD "the vogue years". Vierzig der Chansons stammen direkt aus der Feder von Françoise.

vogue disques, France, was the first record company to offer a record contract to Françoise Hardy. Thus the "vogue years" are the beginning of her career. She wrote most of the songs herself. This time can also be regarded as the peek of her international popularity. Françoise remained with vogue from 1962 - 1969.

The douple CD "vogue years" is a combilation of 50 of her best known songs of this time. Françoise wrote at least 40 of these songs.

Francoise profil

How everything began ...

Francoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy was 17 years old, she had just enrolled in the Faculté des Lettres for the German language and she loved the new English music on the radio. Despite her singing lessons with singer, actress and composer Mireille Hartuch in the "Petite Conservatoire", a school for young talents in a broadcasting studio in the Rue de l'université in Paris, Françoise barely ventured to dream of making a record herself.

Radio hören

Good luck for Françoise: Jacques Wolfsohn, Executive of the French record company Vogue Disques, started to be interested in her.

Erste Schallplatte

Yé Yé Girl

The French record companies had recognizes the trend of a new culture for young people and thus they were looking for new talents. Françoise had no special plans for her future yet, but she was interested in music and literature and had started to write her own songs.

When she introduced her version of Elvis Presley's song "Gotta know" "Je t'aime trop" to Jacques Wolfson, the manager of the French record company Vogue Disques, he was immediately taken with her. Nevertheless he preferred another singer. He hoped to have more success with the song "Oh oh Chéri". Then he encouraged Françoise to record her own songs. So the first record came out; it was an EP (a single record with four songs, which was very common at that time in France) with "Tous les garçons et les filles", "J'suis d'accord", Il est parti un jour" - and "Oh oh Chéri". "Tous les garçons" turned out to be a huge success. Françoise sold more than two million records in eighteen months until summer 1963 - which was more than Edit Piaf in eighteen years. - This is how Françoise became a star "over night".

Francoise Mikrophon