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francoise hardy - Parapluie - 2010

"La pluie sans parapluie" - Regen ohne Schirm. 13 neue Chansons zum immer wieder kehrenden Themas Liebe und Sehnsucht. Die Melodien und musikalischen Arrangements sind schön, ruhig und zurückhaltend.

Offen gestanden, ist diese CD ein wenig an mir vorbei gegangen; Erst beim zweiten Hinhören wurde mir die Vielfältigkeit und der Ideenreichtum dieser - immerhin mit Gold prämierten - CD bewusst.

"La pluie sans parapluie" - Rain and no umbrella. 12 new songs about the ever returning theme love and longing for love and nearness. The melodies and musical arrangements are beautiful, quiet.

Frankly speaking: this CD first did not really catch my attention. It was only by a second sight / listening that I discovered the versitility and richness of ideas of this CD - which had gained gold!


From January 2009 Francoise worked for her album "La pluie sans parapluie" ; she published it in March 2010.

he first tune on the CD is "Noir sur blanc" (black on white), composed by the Franco-Italian musician Calogero; the lyrics are written by herself. Theme: Loving pains black on white.

"Mieux se connaitre" - it is better to know one another - but how can you achieve this without asking indescrete questions?

The third song is "Champs d'honneur" - Fields of honors.

The cover song "Pluie sans parapluie" (Rain and no umbrella) expresses - with the means of music - the longing for feeling sound and save.

"Les pas" (the steps)

"Le temps de l'innocence" (time of innocence) describes the time of youth, its egocentric behaviour and thinking, naturally changing rules of life, torture chamber and seventh heaven - how long has this been gone? And yet we keep on dreaming of it. - A very moving, reflecting song most people of a certain age can identify with.

"Je ne vous aime pas" (I don't love you)


"Quand mettrez-vous un point final
à tous ces feux d'artifice,
au vide abyssal
de ce double langage d'équilibriste
aux traits imperturbables
qui brouille mes pistes…"


"Memory devine"

"Un coeur éclaté" -

As soon as you take another perspective concerning about the important, troubling things, leaving earth, things become smaller, less important: "L'autre coté du ciel" (thre other side of the sky)

The last song "Les mots s'envolent" (words which fly) is a pure declaration of love: There is nothing more to be afraid of, nothing to loose..

"Il n'y a plus rien à craindre,
il n'y a plus rien à perdre"


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