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francoise hardy - parenthèses - 2006

"Parenthèses" - 12 bekannte Chansons und Raritäten, dargeboten als Duos mit einer Auslese an Sängern und Musikern: Alain Souchon, Jacques und Thomas Dutronc, Benjamin Biolay, Rodolphe Burger, Henry Salvador, Alain Delon (!) - und Julio Iglesias sowie die famose klassische Pianistin Hélène Grimaud. Zur Auswahl ihrer Chansons bemerkte Françoise Hardy, dass es Lieder seinen, die sie stets bezaubert habe. Die Reaktion der französischen Presse auf die bereits im November 2006 in Frankreich erschienene CD war durchweg positiv. Ich stimme zu: Die Interpretationen sind sehr durchdacht und mit feinen Nuancen ausgearbeitet. Eben Françoise!

"Parenthese" - 12 wellknown songs and rarities, presented as duos by a fine selection of singers and musicians: Alain Souchon, Jacques and Thomas Dutronc, Benjamin Biolay, Rodolphe Burger, Henry Salvador, Alain Delon (!) - and Julio Iglesias as well as the wonderful classical pianoplayer Hélène Grimaud. The French press responded very positively on the CD which appeared on November, 27, 2006. I agree: The interpretations are well elaborated and charming. Just like Françoise!

Françoise & jacques dutronc
Jacques Dutronc
alain souchon
Alain Souchon
Françoise - helene grimeau
Hélène Griemau

Françoise Hardy's new CD: Calm and romantic, but not sad. A look back ... with sighs and smiles. Good to see how the most melancholic star from France (which was her image in the 1960s) has finally become a good-humoured, thoughtful lady. A hint for us, who have followed her carrier for several decades: There is nothing wrong with getting older. This is life. For Françoise this French saying applies: "Il faut agir bien" - You must get older in a good manner.

Would I recommend you to get the CD?
Well, I guess it's not her best album. If you simply like HER, then there are other CDs. The songs I like are "Que reste-t-il de nos amours", a nice, not exaggerated interpretation of this famous song. And I like "Soleil". "Partir quand meme" is much more charming when she sings it without Julius. - I was curious about her co-operation with star piano player Hélène Grimeau; the result is ok, beautiful, but ... it doesn't touch me.

Again I don't like the booklet. It's all in red (!). Even the pictures are red and they are are not really terrific. (Indeed I wonder if her main photographer Mr. Jean-Marie Périer was on vacation ...) A lot of information are written in small black letters and almost unreadble. - Chère Francoise Hardy, ne savez-vous pas que vous avez beaucoup de fans qui sont déjà un peu plus vieux avec des yeux un peu faibles?

Was mir auch an dieser CD nicht gefällt, ist das beiliegende Booklet. It ist rot (!). Selbst die Bilder sind rot und nicht besonders gut. Ich frage mich, ob ihr Hauptfotograf Jean-Marie Périer gerade in Urlaub war ...) Viele der Informationen sind in kleiner Schrift und nahezu unleserlich. - Liebe Françoise Hardy, wissen Sie nicht, dass Sie viele ältere Fans haben, deren Augen schon ein bisschen schwach sind?

The main topic in Françoise Hardy's songs is love - young love, sensuality, reviews and souvenirs. "Que reste-t-il de nos amour" - what is left over of our loves - a classical among French chansons, written by Charles Trenet in the year 1942. Françoise sings it with her collegue and actor Alain Bashung.

The contrast between Françoise' and Alain Delon's voice gives you goosepimples in the second song of her CD: "Modern Style" is a song about the abberations of love which are also reflected in public life.

Family Hardy-Dutronc present themselves with an early tune by Jacques Dutronc "Amour toujours, tendresse, caresses", a credo in a durable 'grand amour', maybe their love which has been lasting now for more than 35 years. Et voilà: Their son Thomas at the guitar.

"Partir quand même" - Françoise had introducted this beautiful sad song on her record "Décalage" in 1988. In this version, she is accompanied by Julio Iglesias.

Ben Christopher first appeared on her album befor "Tant de belles choses" ("La folie ordinaire"). Now he sings with Françoise an English song "My beautiful demon", memories of happy times full of young love.

"Soleil" is a wonderful old Hardy song from the year 1970. It is recalled by Françoise and Alain Souchon, who had written several songs for her on some older records.

There is also Rodolphe Burger, an old friend and collegue of Françoise. Together they sing a funny song called "L'enfant que je t'avais fait" (The child I made you). It is a dialogue between a woman with a limited memory and a man who tries to remind her of their common times.

"Le fou de la Reine" is a remake Françoise had sung with Henri Salvador on his CD "Chambre avec vue" from the year 2000. It describes the misunderstanding, rather absurd love between a queen and her clown.

"Les sentiments" - all these unanswered feelings of love - where might they be coming from? This is a question asked by Arthur H. On this tune, we meet another musicians who had worked with Françoise before: Alain Lubrano (see the CD "Le Danger") plays the guitar and is the composer of this song

A former, never fullfilled tender love for a girlfried is the theme of the song "La rue du babouin" with Maurane.

It is certainly a musical highlight of this album: "La valse du regret", an adaption of Waltz no. 15 in b minor op. 39 by Johannes Brahms with Hélène Grimeau at the piano. It's all about love and hope ...

The last song on the CD is "Des lendemains qui chantent" with Benjamin Biolay, who had also appeared on her CD "Tant de belles choses".

Alain Delon und Francoise Hardy