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francoise hardy - tant de belles choses - 2004

"Tant de belles choses" - soviele schöne Dinge, ein so schönes Album, das Françoise Hardy Ende 2004 präsentierte. 12 neue Chansons und ein verstecktes waren ihr "Weihnachtsgeschenk". Melancholie mit Hoffnung, das altbekannte Motto ihrer Botschaft. Musikalisch gelungen. Für mein Empfinden, eine ihrer besten Schallplatten überhaupt. Moderne, sensible Arrangements, eine geschickte Kombination aus akkustischen und synthetischen Instrumenten, die ihre sanfte Stimme unterstützen, untermalen, begleiten. Hier ist kein Ton zu schrill, keine Gitarre zu laut. Diese CD ist excellent!

"Tant de belles choses" - so many beautiful things, a wonderful album, which Françoise presented by the end of 2004. 12 new songs plus a hidden one were her "christmas gift". Melancholy and hope, the wellknown messages. Musically well done. In my opinion one of her best records at all. Moderne, sensitive arrangements, a smart combination of accustic and synthetic instruments, which support, accompany her soft voice. There is no tone too shrill, no guitar too loud. This cd is just excellent!

Françoise & thomas dutronc
Portrait 2004
Françoise im studio

Françoise hat in den ersten Monaten nach Erscheinen der CD "Tant de belles choses" in Frankreich schon genügend Exemplare für eine Goldene Schallplatte verkauft. Die Kritiken sind sehr positiv.

Was mir im gefällt im Rahmen der Produktion dieser CD ist der Video-Clip und der Film über ihr Leben, der Anfang 2005 auf mehreren Fernsehkanälen ausgestrahlt wurde.

Was mir nicht gefällt, sind die kleine, schwer lesbare Schrift im beiliegenden Booklet und die Bilder mit Effektfilter, die Françoise mehr verstecken als zeigen.

The cover song "Tant de belles choses" is a song of saying good-bye. But love is stronger than pain. Love turns plomb into gold. "You still have so many beautiful things in front of you". - The song, a mother's pain about her child's leaving, she or he has to go his own ways, maybe even all away from her. But the relationship will always be there: "L'amour est plus fort que la mort." (Love is stronger than death.)

In the song "Jardinier bénévol" Françoise ask the essential philosophic question: To be or to have? Adapt yourself or go your own ways? Her Answer: "The feelings I attend to are there to keep the garden more beautiful. And if you want to leave, I will stay here without loosing my head." - The metapher of the garden is not a heterinonous, idealizing place (such as the garden of Eden, the late gothic little paradise garden as a hidden, save place with st. mary, or the (never) promised rose garden), but a place of self-responsible satisfaction, where nobody is forced to stay, when he or she has to find his or her own garden. Everybody is the architect of his own future, the gardener of his own garden.

In the shadow of the moon ("A l'ombre de lune"), the peak of misfurtune, I have woven a web, which distroys us, I have wasted the great true love, because the only, unforgetable love is so unsteady, it vanishes with the wind and nothing will be like before ... A song by the young, very successul chanson singer Benjamine Biolay (is he the successor to Gainsbourg?); she accompanies hin on one tune on his CD "A l'origine".

After all: Love in its various forms and methamosphosis, up to the question, whether a new begin is possible after disappointments, betrayals and loss is the main returning theme of the cd: "Tant de belles choses", "Soir de Gala", "Grand Hotel" (very charming and oldfashioned), "Un air de guitare" (beautiful tune which sounds almost like her old songs) are the focus of this never ending topic. Back in the 1960s - 1980s the central theme of Françoise' chansons was the longing, erotic, mostly unhappy love, today she takes a more universal perspective. No longer taking possession of the beloved person, but rather giving love and even let the person go. "En résumée, en conclusion: L'amour est plus fort que la mort" (Concusion: Love is even stronger than death.)

Another global metapher is darkness. "La folie ordinaire" - the simple craziness - turns against the passive acceptance of destruction ("... tout déforer come un cancer" - eating all up like a cancer) She wants the walls of separation to fall and history to be remade und she want to be able to believe in it. The background of this song may be the Iraqi war, which she has publicly opposed several times.

Very remarkable: The English songs written by the Irishman Perry Blake: "Moments" and "So many things".

Result: The musical work cd "Tant de belles choses" is beautiful (!), the lyrics are difficult, demanding, philosophic. The listener is not supposed to be led astray by the beautiful melodies: Understanding the excellent lyrics - most of them written by Françoise - is indeed an inspiration - and a thrilling challenge with the rhythms and rhymes, word puzzles and meanings, especially for those whose mother tongue is not French ...

Tant de belles choses - so many beautiful things!

Françoise Hardy has already sold enough cds of "Tant de belles choses" in the first few months after its appearance in France for a golden record. The critics are enormously positive.

What I like around the production of this cd is the video clip and the film about her life which was shown in the beginning of 2005 on different tv channels.

What I don't like are the small almost unreadable fonds in the booklet and the pictures with effect filters on them, which hide Françoise more than they show her ... But the music is nice altogether.