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Françoise estimaed Gainsbourg very high as a musician. They were friends. She interpreted four of his songs. They belong to her most successful tunes. But she never wanted to make a whole Gainsbourg record. - Francoise sur Gainsboug (L'espresse 23-02-2006)

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Lucien Ginsburg alias: Serge Gainsbourg was born on April, 2nd, 1928, as the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. Originally he wanted to become a painter, but despite his studies of arts he gave up this project and dedicated himself to classical music. He earned his first fees a a pianoplayer in the "rive gauche" cabarets. In 1958 he met the novelist Boris Vians who also used to play and sing in bars. Lucien was fascinated by his cynical, aggressive lyrics. He from then on called himself Serge Gainsbourg. Serge produced his first album "Du Chant à la Une". On his further albums he used lyrics of the poets Jacques Prévert, Alfred de Musset, Victor Hugo ("Les Misérables") and Charles Baudelaire ("Fleurs du Mal"). His international success came with the English "starlet" Jane Birkin, who became his (3rd?) wife. Their greatest success and even greater scandal was "Je t'aime moi none plus". Europe at that time was not yet ready for Jane's lustful sighing - and so the song was forbitten to be played on most radio stations. Jane and Serge have a daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is an international actress now. The marriage of Jane and Serge lasted until 1980, then she left him - tired of his escapades - love affairs mostly with younger women. Songs, sound tracs and performances on stage were the focus of his restless life - despite of his severe heart problems.

Highlights of his works are the production with the famous Jamaican musicians Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, the band of reggae king Peter Tosh, with whom he interpreted "Aux armes etc", a sarcastic version of the French hymn "La Marseillaise". Another scandal was the song "Lemon incest", which her performed together with his daugher in 1985 in the casino de Paris. For her he composed the album "Charlotte forever" in 1986. He dedicated his last work to Vanessa Paradis "Variations pour le meme thème". It was during his last album production "Amour des Feintes" for Jane Birkin, when he died on March, 2nd, 1991. He was 63 years old. Serge is burried on the Montparnasse graveyard in Paris.

Promenade: Serge & Françoise

Gainsbourg. Birkin. Hardy

Francoise sings Gainsbourg ...

* L'anamour
Text/Musik: Gainsbourg; 1968

* Comment te dire adieu
Text: Gainsbourg; Musik: G. Yared; 1968

* Ces petits riens
Text/Musik: Gainsbourg; 1968

* Enregistrement
Text/Musik: Gainsbourg; 1977

Jane Birkin sings Francoise ...

* La pleine Lune
Text: Francoise, Musik: Alain Lubrano

Jane and Francoise both sing:
* Les p'tits papiers

* Comment te dire adieu
* L'Anamour
* Surannée

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Comment te dire adieu - Francoise
Enregistrement - Francoise
L'anamour - Francoise
L'anamour - Jane Birkin
Ces petits riens - Francoise
Ces petits riens - Jane Birkin
La pleine lune - Jane Birkin
Je t'aime moi non plus - Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin
Poupée de cire - France Gall
La Javanaise - Juliette Gréco
Je suis venu pour te dire adieu - Gainsbourg


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