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francoise hardy clair obscur 2000
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Francoise Hardy
"Clair Obscur"
Virgin France, 492032, 2000

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Im Mai 2000 legte ihre CD "Clair-Obscur" vor. Unverkennbar ihr Markenzeichen: Sanfte, melancholische Chansons, mal romantisch, mal skeptisch. Für die Fans des Hardy'schen charmant gehauchten, zuweilen etwas depressiven Stils ein sehr gutes Album.

After a four-year's break Francoise Hardy presented her CD "Clair obsur" in may 2000. Soft melancholic chansons, sometimes romantic, sometimes sceptical. For fans of Francoise' charming, partly a little depressing style a very good album.

CD-back cover

Les photos de cette page etaient prises le 15 juin 2000 au Virgin Megastore, Champs-Elysees, Paris. Francoise etait la pour introduire son nouvel album et pour signer des autographes.

Sign of the event at virgin megastore in paris Beautiful Francoise black and white portrait

The album was produced as a longterm precision work with the aid of serveral illustrious musicians.

Love, love, love ...

"I'll be seeing you", a famous jazz standard from the year 1938. was once inserted into the Broadway musical "Right this Way"; it later became famous by a version of of Bing Cosby. Françoise performs this 'priceless' declaration of love in English together with pop star Iggy Pop: "I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day, in everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way."

"Do you know that I am the one you want?" Françoise asks this encouraging question in a duo with singer an composer Ol ("Celui qui tu veux")

Light-hearted and comforting

Eric Clapton is better known as rock musician. He wrote the music of "Contre Cents et Marrée". Essential: : "... vois la mer qui se calme, le soleil dans les arbres sèche les larmes, sois vivant, reste vrai contre vents et marrées" (look at the calming sea, the sun in the trees dries the tears; be vivid, stay true against the winds and the flood".)

"La pleine lune" is a composition by Françoise and was published before by Jane Birkin on her album "À la légère". (Listen to it on the Gainsbourg-page.)

So sad

"Tous mes souvenirs me tuent" by jazz musicians Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappeli, accompanied on the guitar by Reinhardt's son Babik Reinhardt. A very sad song, (original version "Tears") about the past which can never be brought back.

"So sad" a duett with singer and the author of a Hardy biography Etienne Daho; the original tune dates back to the 1960s by the Everly Brothers. Again a song about love which seems to be ending - but nevertheless there is hope of reconciliation.

"You look like someone who has had sorrows". An excellent remake of a very old, very sad song by Françoise from the 1970s.

Francoise smiling and looking up

Francoise is ready to sign autographs
She is making a joke

Mein Favorit ist "Puisque vous partez en voyage", interpretiert von Françoise und Ehemann, Sänger, Schauspieler  Jacques Dutronc. — Ein Paar verabschiedet sich am Bahnhof: Trennung für 2 Wochen. Traurigkeit, Unsicherheit; sie werden zuerst überspielt. Dann der glückliche Kompromiss: Man fährt zusammen weg — mit nur der Liebe als Gepäck. Dieses phantastische Chanson verfasste  einst ihre Gesangslehrerin Mireille in den 30er Jahren. Stimmungsvoll, pfiffig, herrlich französisch; man fühlt sich, als stehe man selber am Pariser "Gare du Nord". 

Francoise and Jacques

My favorite tune is "Puisque vous partez en voyage" by Françoise and her husband, the singer and actor Jacques Dutronc. A couple saying good-bye at the train station - separation for 2 weeks, sadness, unsecurity - covered up. Then a lucky compromise: They are leaving together with nothing but their love as the only luggage. This wonderful song was written by Mireille, Françoise's former music teacher, in the 1930s.

Fazit: "Clair Obscur" - trotz aller Tristesse ein wunderschönes Album. Es ist eine meiner Lieblings-CDs von ihr.

Result: "Clair Obscur" - despite of all sadness a wonderful album. Actually it is one of my favorite CDs of Françoise Hardy.