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FH 3, 1963: All Italian songs

Françoise Hardy in English, 1966

Françoise Hardy en Anglais, 1969

If you listen, 1972

Françoise Hardy, 1970, spanish

More .... Her German albums

There is no doubt, that Françoise celebrated her greatest years of international success in the 1960s. It was during the era of beat music with its center in London. No wonder that Françoise moved to the Engish capital. In the time between 1964 abd 1969 she recorded most of her albums in Britisch studios with British orchestras: Charles Blackwell, John Paul Jones (later Led Zeppelin), Mickey Baker, Mickey Jones, Arthur Greenslade.

In 1966 she produced her first all-English album - "In English"; it is selection of songs which were translated from the French original. - The lp "En Anglais" followed in 1969, "If you listen" in 1972.

In England she not was recognized as as singer, but also as a star. She was considered the female "pendant" for Mick Jagger. A movie was projected with Françoise and Mick, a remake of Jean Cocteau's "Enfants terribles", but it was given up only little time before its realization, because the career of the Stones had been rolling all over the globe.

In Germany Truck Branss, formaly innovative tv producer for popular music programs invited her serveral times to come to the German tv.

Star in Germany? Serious speaking, this epoche was rather short - 1966 - 1968. Highlight: Winner of BRAVO and a tour through Germany.

Hint for collectors: There are quite a few Spanish record pressings, which - not like said on their covers - are sung in French and not in Spanish. Françoise has only interpreted two song in Spanish: "El telefono corte" and "Sol".

Françoise canta italiano:

Frag den Abendwind

Françoise: "Frag den Abendwind", Ariola Deutschland, 2001, CD 4037057 AAD, 1962-86

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All over the world

Françoise Hardy: "All over the world", Vogue France, 1995, 74321258032

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